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Travel Tips of Madrid (part I)

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4 abril, 2015

Tips about Madrid!

Madrid is the capital of Spain. The population of the city is almost 3 million and that of the Madrid metropolitan area, around 6.3 million. It is the third-largest city in Europe, after London and Berlin, and its metropolitan area is the third-largest after Paris and London.

Madrid has many great Museos and other cultural attraction. However I would like to talk about other things of Madrid.

If you are wondering about “where can I learn Spanish…”, Madrid has to be your choice.
Madrid maybe is less beautiful than Barcelona but I have to say that it is more authentic, more Spanish and definitely much more FUN.

Madrid has a great airport, “Madrid Barajas”, with very good connections by public transport. Actually the “Metro” (underground/Tube) is one of the best of the world. Cheap, clean and fast.

In the city centre there are many hostels and hotels with very good price. The atmosphere in the city centre is magic. Young people at any time and everywhere, good restaurants and bars with cheap or free tapas and actually a feeling of freedom that you can not find at any place.

Today we would like to talk about Tribunal Area

It is considered like the Spanish “Camden town”. The neighborhood starts at the Bilbao Square. It is a nice walk from there to Gran Via through Fuencarral Street.
First you should have a beer or a coffee at “La Petisqueira Bar” (C/Churruca, 4) . It is a bar that give typical food from Galicia (north of Spain). You don’t have to ask for the food, is for free if you ask something to drink. Good and free food..what else?

Then you should go to “Plaza del Grial”, one of our favorite places. Best atmosphere in Madrid. Trendy bars, pizzerias, and classical restaurant are mixed in total harmony.

A “must” around is the Bar Lozano. Old dive fashion bar, where you can taste great tapas with a cheap drink. Ask for a “mini”. it is the name of “pint”in Madrid. (in other parts of Spain it has different name). In that place, if you ask of 25 Minis they give for free an entire “tortilla de Patata”. We think it is almost impossible, but always it is a challenge for young and crazy Spanish people.

The Safari Spanish School starts their classes in the office very close to Callao (Torija, 5), then students and teacher move to other strategic places of the city with a view of continuing the lessons and practicing in amazing places.

Close to the Lozano Bar, the school has a classroom. From there students will practice, how to order in a bar, buy clothe in a shop, ask for information, and many things more!

Still thinking about learning in a classic boring school? no way! Book the Safari Course! a new way to learn Spanish in Madrid

In our next posts we will give more useful info about Madrid!


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