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4 abril, 2015

Travel Tips of Madrid (part I)

Tips about Madrid! Madrid is the capital of Spain. The population of the city is almost 3 million and that of the Madrid metropolitan area, around 6.3 …

4 marzo, 2015

Spanish habits and customs!

Are you thinking about travelling to Spain? maybe you should read this… very useful for understand Spanish customs. Imagine yourself discovering these things while learning the language! Safari …

8 septiembre, 2013

Meaning of Safari Spanish School

Introduction… The Safari Spanish School, learn a language while discovering new places and new cultures! The purpose of learning a language is to communicate effectively and …

7 septiembre, 2013

Useful information about Tenerife

Useful information about Tenerife! Tenerife Island is an authentic paradise on earth. The island, where alway is summer, offers breathtaking areas, beautiful beaches, cheap as well …