Madrid & Tenerife

The school offers week, single day and three days programs with fun instruction while visiting breath-taking areas and discovering the local cuisine.

The course, focused on INITIAL and INTERMEDIATE LEVELS – A1/A2, B1/B2, will give students the skills to handle everyday situations.

Students are provided with a wide variety of situations in which to actively participate in Spanish with opportunities for listening, speaking, reading and writing each day. Classes include practical activities, stimulating experiences and relevant excursions that complement the topics being taught and develop student’s skills in learning how to learn.

Learn Spanish while experiencing the REAL Tenerife or the REAL Madrid.

Classes from 9:00 to 13:30 in our school and in selected sites of Madrid or Tenerife.

Textbooks and Instructional Materials.

Van journeys around the island or the city

Brunch or Meals at local restaurants after lessons.

Immersion in Spanish and Canarian culture

Guaranteed fun

Our Hard Workers

Our teachers are selected for their high level of qualifications, experience and motivation. They are university graduates who are qualified to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language. They have the experience and expertise needed to ensure that courses are productive and tailored to your individual needs, your interests and your objectives.

  • Managing Director

    Do you want to communicate with 350 million native Spanish speakers worldwide? Knowing Spanish opens the door for you to communicate with 1/3 …

  • Partner & Teacher

    “Learn Spanish to make lifelong friends!  Getting to know somebody by communicating with them in their own language is a great way to really …

  • Partner & Teacher

    “Learn Spanish to enhance your travel experiences! Knowing the language and culture of the land you visit will give you insights into the people …


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