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Meaning of Safari Spanish School

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8 septiembre, 2013

Introduction… The Safari Spanish School, learn a language while discovering new places and new cultures!

The purpose of learning a language is to communicate effectively and with confidence.
This doesn’t really happen in a classroom. You need a real-life framework to be truly effective.

Learn Spanish in MadridThe school with a innovative method, teach Spanish and take people around Madrid or Tenerife at the same time. Students practice the language travelling and with exercises in real context.


Everyday the school give an introduction class in our offices. Then the van of the school starts the safari route.

There are some selected places in the island and in the city where the students are going to:
1)Learn more Spanish
2) Practice in real places the Spanish learned
3) Discover very hide and incredible places.


Spanish School Madrid

Spanish School Tenerife

Every day lessons finish doing a taste of typical dishes in local and selected bars and restaurants.
We strongly believe that the food is something essential for understanding the local culture.

What do you think about the Safari Spanish Course?

Do you like the idea?

For living the Safari Experience you don’t need to book an entire course…we provide single day experience!Check our website and discover a new way to learn the Spanish language and culture.

Learn Spanish in Tenerife


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