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Useful information about Tenerife

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7 septiembre, 2013

Useful information about Tenerife!

Tenerife Island is an authentic paradise on earth. The island, where alway is summer, offers breathtaking areas, beautiful beaches, cheap as well as good food.

The sea and sun of Tenerife invite guests to enjoy water sports: windsurfing, body board, surfing, kayaking, diving, snorkeling,  water skiing, jet skiing.. and much more.

In addition, the canary sea has the privilege of hosting nearly 30 different species of cetaceans, so it offers sea lovers the opportunity to participate in unique sea excursions to watch whales, dolphins, and turtles.
For those seeking a guaranteed thrill, the island has some of the best theme-parks. Among them: the Siam Park and Loro Parque; Siam Park has obtained official recognition as the best amusement park in the world.

If you are planning a visit during the winter months, we recommend do not miss the famous Carnaval of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, considered the second most popular Carnaval in the world after Rio de Janeiro.


Finally, if you’re still up for the nightlife, you can enjoy a great choice of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. There are several culinary, musical and cultural events as well as big music festivals.

However, if you are tired to go clubbing… why not just lye down and take in the incredibly unspoilt night sky? From The Teide National Park you can see thousands of stars.

If you are thinking about magical places…don’t hesitate, Tenerife is your destination.The island have 2 airports, and there are many cheap flights from almost everywhere in the world.

In the Island there is a big difference between the north and south. The north, very green, with the Teide’s  Vulcano very close, with tasty food and better atmosphere.
On the other hand, the south, dry, with nice beaches and a great weather almost the whole year.

To summarize, Tenerife is one of the best places in Europe and in the world to relax, have a break, and why not..learn Spanish doing the Safari Spanish Course!

Places to stay:
In the north, San Cristobal de la Laguna or Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
The first,  was builded following the project of Leonardo Davinci for the city of Forli (Italy)…such a super beautiful place.

The second one, was included by the British newspaper “The Guardian”  in the list of the five best places in the world to live. It shares that distinction with the north coast of Maui, Hawaii; Sankt Pauli district in Hamburg; Cihangir district in Istanbul, and Portland, Oregon in the state (United States).

In the South:
El Medano, an authentic paradise for surfers, kite surfers and windsurfers.
The town of El Médano is located in the southeast coast of the island of Tenerife, known for the trade winds that blow year-round, reshaping sand dunes and coastal relieving summer nights . This quaint village with its promenade, natural beaches and charming landscape is a famous international hotspot for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

El Médano attracts lots of international tourism, not only for those who need a relaxing holiday on the beach, but also for many young people who appreciate an active lifestyle. El Médano invites you to walk to it’s southern edge, where a volcanic cone, the Red Mountain, produces an otherworldly landscape with its reddish colour.

The town is animated by a multitude of bars, restaurants and shops where you can enjoy oceanfront refreshments and immerse yourself in a fun and youthful vibe.
Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas:
The most touristic Places of the island…but with the best weather. Always summer!
Los Gigantes…a place difficult to arrive due to the highway  (that finish 30 kms before)
but worth it! it is a magical place! breath-taking cliffs are waiting for you!


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