Safari Spanish School

Madrid & Tenerife

About Safari Spanish School

 Lailolá Safari Spanish School is an educational project, based in Tenerife Island and Madrid, with a specific purpose: teaching Spanish to initial levels through direct communication and interaction with the environment.

The school, with a young and innovative mind-set, has designed a program that puts the student into full contact with the Spanish language and culture through a unique combination of classes and leisure activities.

Classes are held on site in the most significant places of the island (Tenerife) and the city (Madrid). This approach immerses you in Spanish language and culture from day one.

We  offer experiences based on Spanish lessons and sightseeing combined.

What is the meaning of Safari Spanish program
Spanish lessons
Immersion in culture
Van journeys
Guaranteed fun
You will have

Spanish lessons

Classes&sightseeing from 9:00 to 13:30 in selected sites. Our Method integrates learning with fun activities in a real environment and provides a personalized and accelerated approach to language learning.

Van Journeys

Safari Spanish School instructors will teach you Spanish in the most significant, beautiful and exciting parts of Madrid and Tenerife Island

Textbooks and Instructional Materials

The school has designed the instructional material with a view of developing language skills necessary for successful communication for everyday situations.

Brunch/Lunch in local restaurants

To be at ease and effective in a Spanish environment It is vital knowing about the culture and cuisine behind the language. For that reason after lessons the school offer a taste of typical dishes in local restaurants.

Immersion in Spanish and Canarian culture

Practical exercises are held on site in a real context. This approach immerses you in Spanish language and culture from day one.

Small classes

Small class sizes (8 students MAXIMUM per class) give students individual attention and a comfortable setting.
  • “Marta was an excellent teacher. She controlled the class well and always kept us entertained, with good exercises and also stories about Spain. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone"

    Nadine (Germany)
  • A friend of mine recommended that I meet up with Roberto for a day of Spanish / Touring around Tenerife. It was way funner than I thought. He's really cool to hang out with and took me all over El Medano and I even learned how to order papas and mojo (like... french fries but with super awesome sauce) like local. Bammm!!!! The only negative thing was that we stayed in Las Americas (sounded cool at the time) and had to bus it to Santa Cruz, which was sort of a mistake. The buses or wawas (however you spell that!) are a bit, well... unreliable. If you want to have a fun time on Tenerife and actually get some contact with locals and even speak some Spanish, hit up Lailolá!

    Martin (USA)
  • “Really wonderful. Thankyou so much. I  feel so much better about my trip away now, and that we’re actually going to be understood (I hope!)”

    Helen (Uk)
  • “The course was great. Not at all what I expected after trying to learn languages in high school. It was fun and I felt like we learnt a lot in a very short period of time. Also, the place is awesome, perfect if you like sea sports. El Médano rocks!”

    Ciaran (Ireland)
  • I  wanted to improve my speaking mainly. I write, read, and watch movies, but I don’t have the opportunity to speak often, so I came to Lailolá. I improved my fluency since I spoke every day. I did not speak one word of Italian during my time here. It was a great thing that there are people from everywhere and it was a cool chance to try to understand the way people think and react to various issues. In two weeks, I can say I lived in Tenerife.

    Lorenzo (Italy)
  • “Marta was really friendly, the program is perfect. Not too fast and not too slow. I particularly liked putting into practice what we learnt in different situations, so now I’m confident that I not only know some of the language but can actually use it as well".

    Momin (Uk)